Dr. She Tsang Tsang, Franklin
Specialist in Orthodontics
BDS (HK) M Orth (HK) M Orth RCS (Edin) AdvDipOrtho (HK)
FCDSHK (Orthodontics) FHKAM (Dental Surgery)

Dr. Franklin She is a private practitioner and teacher in Orthodontics. He has established his exclusive orthodontic practice for more than ten years. He is involved in undergraduate and postgraduate orthodontic trainings as a part-time Clinical Lecturer in The University of Hong Kong and has been invited to lecture in locally and internationally.

After receiving dental undergraduate and orthodontic postgraduate training in The University
of Hong Kong, he was entitled as the Specialist in Orthodontics in 2004. During the training, he published articles in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, Journal of Dental Research and Dental Asia.

He pursued further training on MEAW (Multi-looped Edgewise Archwire) concept in Japan, application of TADs (Temporary anchorage devices) in Korea, biomechanics and Segmented arch technique in Italy.

Dr. She was one of the first orthodontists who started to use TADs in Hong Kong. Since then, he lectured intensively on orthodontic camouflage of dentofacial deformities and other complex orthodontic problems by the applications of TADs and scientific biomechanics.

He was the President of Hong Kong University Dental Alumni Association from 2004-2005, Vice President of the Hong Kong Society of Orthodontists from 2008-2009. He is currently the trainer and member of the Specialty Board in Orthodontics, College of Dental Surgeons of Hong Kong.

Title of Talk

Begin with the end in mind - Treatment planning of gummy smile


Gummy smile is often associated with maxillary dentoalveolar protrusion in South East Asia population. Orthodontic management of a patient who presented with both problems will be presented.

The thought process of putting the upper incisors in correct position in space which allows significant amount of remodeling of maxillary dentoalveolar process will be discussed. It is based on a step by step objectives setting and treatment planning approach.

The biomechanics of mechanical tooth movement with straight wire appliance and the application of TADs will be explained in details to illustrate factors to be considered in achieving successful and consistent result.