Dr. George Anka
He entered Northwestern University, Chicago, USA from 1979-1981 for his Orthodontic training, where he received Master of Science Degree 1981 at the same institution.
In last 15 years he lecturing intensively in Japan and all over the World in major meetings, wrote and published more than 100 scientific articles National, International Journal and Text Book.
He is maintaining a private practice in Tamashi, Tokyo、Japan.
At present he is a Member of Implant Orthodontic Conference Committee of Japan and
Advisory Committee of World Implant Orthodontic Conference
Present Secretary of Foreign Affairs 9th WIOC KOBE
Present Secretary General WIOA

Title of Talk

All about Camouflage Treatment


Camouflage treatment is defined as the implementation of a less intensive treatment option for patients with the severe problems so as to obtain optimum results within physiological limits and which may not be addressing to the correction of the actual problems in the patient.
Camouflage treatment indicated to persons who reject Surgical Approaches to correct their Skeletal Deformity by affecting the dental and its alveolar bone to such a proportion to hide the underlying skeletal problem.
The invention of TADs has decreased the percentage of the Surgical Orthodontic cases dramatically in the last 17 years. The reason is that the orthopedic effect is influencing not only the teeth but also its alveolar bone in 3-dimensional space that made the differences.
We will discuss these options to correct moderate and mild skeletal problems with solely orthodontic. Whether it is an open bite Class II cases, Class III cases or consequently deep bite cases. We also try to divine their limitation in this constant changing Orthodontic with TADs treatment method.