1987 - present : full time lecturer at departemen of Orthodontics University of Indonesia
1996 : graduated from Orthodontic Training programme , Faculty of Dentistry University of Indonesia.
2006 - present : Orthodontics Consultant
2011 - 2014 : president of IAO , Jakarta Branch
2014 - 2017 : President of Indonesian Association of Orthodontist (IAO)

Title of Talk

Direct - Indirect Molar distalization using Mini Screw Implant
(Jessica Santoso* , Retno Widayati **, Krisnawati Erry** )


In daily practice approximately 50% of our patient do not require extraction as part of their orthodontic treatment. With modern orthodontic treatment it is possible to treat moderate crowding or protrusion without extraction.
Conventionally, molar distalization could be accomplished by extra oral appliances such as Head gear. However this appliance is not comfortable and need high cooperation from the patient.

The growing demand for orthodontic treatment methods that require minimal compliance and maximal anchorage control, particularly by adults ,has led to the expansion of implant technology. These mini screws are relatively small to implant with a simple surgical procedure. Mini screw has been introduced as temporary anchorage device for various purposes such as : canine retraction, en-masse anterior retraction, upright molar, Distalization and protraction.

There are some appliances for molar distalization such as repelling magnet, coil spring in continous or sectional wire,Jones jig, pendulum, vestibular screw combined with palatal Ni-Ti coil spring. This appliance usually consists of anchorage in premolar or decidious molar , acrylic Nance button and active component.
Those appliances could distalized upper molars but it has disadvantage such as upper molar distal tipping , rotate, extrude and reciprocal effect that cause upper anterior tipping.To prevent this complication, skeletal anchorage has been integrated into orthodontics treatment. Fudalej and Antoszewska (2011) reported an appliance for molar distalization using mini screws as temporary anchorage device.

*) postgraduate student in orthodontics training programe University of Indonesia.
**) lecturer at Orthodontics department University of Indonesia.