Dr. Chooryung Judi Chung graduated from Collage of Dentistry, Yonsei University and has received her orthodontic training and Ph.D at Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Tokyo, Japan. She is currently Associate professor of Department of Orthodontics, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea. Her clinical and research interests include the clinical application of TADs, perception of facial esthetics and autotransplantation combined orthodontics in in adults.

Title of Talk

Facial esthetics in the transverse plane; soft tissue consideration and management


Improvement of facial esthetics and smile is considered one of the most important treatment objectives in orthodontics. In general, facial esthetics perceived on a daily basis is focused to the dynamic full face or slightly rotated face, but traditionally, orthodontists are likely to diagnose and establish treatment mechanics based on the static sagittal relationship.

The application of TADs has broadened the scope of diagnosis and biomechanically reliable tooth movement is now possible in all 3 dimensions. Thus, in the era of TADs, multi-dimensional evaluation of facial esthetic and specified hard and soft tissue management is recommended.

This presentation will focus on the 3D diagnosis and treatment outcome on facial esthetics, especially in the transverse plane. In addition, soft tissue considerations and clinical management of facial proportions, winkles, and facial muscles to “enhance” facial esthetics will be discussed.