Dr. Kim graduated from Dental college of Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea. And he earned M.S. and Ph. D. in the same University.

He trained in the department of orthodontics, Dental hospital of Yonsei University.

He was a Research fellow of Yonsei University and he visited UCLA as a visiting scholar.

Now he is a adjunctive professor of Yonsei University and Seoul Asan Medical Center. And he is a director of Smile Again Orthodontic Center in Seoul, Korea.

Title of Talk

Clinical application of mini screws in Molar control


The key factor to obtain our goals in orthodontic treatment is to control the anchorage. Especially, it is very difficult to move molars where we planned. Because we need great value of anchorage when we move molars.

But we are able to move molars easily if we use mini screws properly in orthodontic treatment. Owing to mini screws we manage to get proper anchorage value.

So I am going to show several cases about distalization, protraction, intrusion, extrusion and torque control of molars. And I will introduce biomechanics relevant to control molars. And I will explain some side effects that may happen in molar control and how to prevent these side effects.