Tae Kyung Kim, DDS, MS, PhD
Director, Yonsei G Orthodontic Clinic, Seoul, Korea
Clinical Professor, Dept. of Orthodontics, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea

Title of Talk

Is the comprehensive orthodontic treatment possible without brackets?


We could hardly imagine comprehensive orthodontic treatment without brackets. Bracketless treatment may refer to aligners. And bracketless treatment may associated with limited orthodontic treatment. Is the comprehensive orthodontic treatment possible without brackets?

It is obvious that the bracket is effective orthodontic tool. But why do we seek the alternative way to move teeth without brackets? Although the bracket is effective for the orthodontists, it makes the patients uncomfortable, is unaesthetic, and poses difficulties in maintaining oral hygiene. It may be that the bracket is not the most convenient appliance, notwithstanding its effectiveness. Perhaps that is the reason why there are various attempts to treat orthodontic patients without using brackets. In the present day, the aligner is in the limelight. However, it is a problem that the treatment results are totally dependent on the will and cooperation of the patients because the aligner is removable. Aside from the capability of appliance itself, the aligner is not appropriate for comprehensive orthodontic treatment due to the fact that complicated tooth movement requires the absolute compliance of patient for the long period of time.

To substantialize comprehensive orthodontic treatment without the bracket, every type of tooth movement should be possible in a practical manner. Furthermore, this possibility must move toward a direction in which both the doctors and patients can benefit.
In the presentation, I wish to share my years of experiences with some cases.