Dr. S. Jay Bowman is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics and a member of the Edward H. Angle Society of Orthodontists. He is on the faculty of The University of Michigan, Saint Louis University, Case Western Reserve University, Seton Hill University and Milton Sims Visiting Professor at the University of Adelaide. He received the Angle Research Award in 2000, the Alumni Merit Award from Saint Louis University in 2005, and Orthodontic Education Research Foundation Award in 2017.

He is co-author/editor of the book: Mini-Implants in Orthodontics: Innovative Anchorage Concepts. Jay has placed over 3500 miniscrews of 16 different brands. He has over 130 articles published, has contributed to 8 book chapters, and has lectured in 37 U.S. States and 34 countries. Jay has been a contributing editor for Seminars, Angle Orthodontist, and JCO and has been in the private practice of orthodontics for over 30 years.

Title of Talk

Pushing Back or Moving Forward: Miniscrews Simplified for Class III’s and II’s


A classic rock chestnut from Led Zeppelin cautions, “there are two paths you can go by” and yet, “there’s still time to change the road you’re on.” This is quite true for palatally-based, skeletal anchorage with miniscrews that can be applied for both Class IIIs and IIs. A variety of complex biomechanics have been suggested to assist the correction of both types of malocclusions, “and it makes me wonder,” how might we simplify things. Dr. Bowman will describe the application of modest method of Class II molar correction along with a “friction-less” and unpretentious device for Class IIIs: both are miniscrew agnostic, so the clinician may utilize nearly any miniscrew of choice.