Tae-Woo KIM is Professor in Orthodontics, Seoul National University, where he completed his orthodontic specialty training in 1986. He was a visiting professor(1995-7) of University of Washington. He was an editor-in-chief of Korean Journal of Orthodontics(KJO) for many years. He was President of of Korean Association of Orthodontists from 2014~6. He works as a reviewer of KJO, AJODO and other famous international journals. His focused research fields are TMD, open bite, mini-implants and long-term stability.

Title of Talk

Various Mechanics for Open Bite Cases


From more than 30-year clinical experience of open bite, clinical tips and step-by-step procedures will be shared.
According to the treatment mechanics, cases will be presented.
1. Maxillary posterior intrusion
2. Maxillary/Mandibular posterior intrusion
4. Maxillary posterior intrusion and Mandibular MEAW
5. Canting correction
6. Second molar extraction
Most of cases were treated with one mid-palatal mini-implant and an intrusion TPA. But some of complicated cases were treated with combination of other mechanics.
(1) Learning objective 1: Attendees of this lecture will be able to understand the various mechanics for open bite cases.
(2) Learning objective 2: Attendees of this lecture will be able to select one of the mechanics differentially according to characteristics of each open-bite case.
* E-handouts of Dr. Kim’s AAO lectures are available at