Dr. Ravindra Nanda is at present UConn Alumni Endowed Chair, and Professor and Head of the Department of Craniofacial Sciences and Chair of division of Orthodontics, University of Connecticut, Farmington, Connecticut, U.S.A.development of orthodontic wires, clinical orthodontic trials and application of biomechanics in a busy orthodontic practice.Dr. Nanda has been author and co-author of five orthodontic books and more than two hundred scientific and clinical articles in major journals. He is editor-in-Chief of Progress in Orthodontics. He is on the editorial board of ten different national and international orthodontic journals. He is an associate editor of Journal of Clinical Orthodontics.

He is an active member of various organizations, including the American Association of Orthodontists, European Orthodontic Society and Edward H. Angle Society. Dr. Nanda is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics. He has given numerous named lectures at national and international societies including Mershon Lecture at American Association of Orthodontics and Sheldon Friel Lecture at 2011 EOS Congress. He has been recognized with varios awards from numerous international orthodontic organizations.Dr.Nanda is a co-editor of a book Retention and Stability. His most recent books are Biomechanics in Clinical Orthodontics , Biomechanic and Esthetic Strategies In Clinical Orthodontics, Temporary Anchorage Devices in Orthodontics and Current Therapy in Orthodontics. His new book is titled Atlas of Complex Orthodontics.”

Title of Talk

Biomechanics and TADs to Manage Complex Orthodontic Problems


Application of TADs has changed the way we practice now in Orthodontics. We can treat difficult and complex patients with ease. It has also helped us accelerate orthodontic treatment time by minimizing side effects. This presentation will describe my experience with and without TADs with application of biomechanics principles.