Mithran Goonewardene completed Dental School at The University of Western Australia in 1981 and attended the Forsyth Dental Center/Harvard School of Dental Medicine in Boston, USA from 1984-1987 where he completed his Certificate in Orthodontics and Master of Medical Science degree. He is Head of Orthodontics and Graduate Program Director at The University of Western Australia, is a full member of The Edward Angle Society of Orthodontists and is Certified by the Australian Orthodontic Board. He visits Sri Lanka regularly as a visiting Consultant in Orthodontics in the Dental Institute, Colombo and participates in part-time private practice in Perth.

Title of Talk

Facilitating Success of Temporary Anchors in Surgical Orthodontics


Conventional orthodontic preparation of the dentition prior to surgery is often limited by the extent of required pre-surgical orthodontics. Temporary anchors may be used to assist in expanding the range of decompensation of the dentition prior to surgery or compensation of the dentition when surgery is performed prior to complete decompensation of the dentition. Dr Goonewardene will discuss the rationale for selection of the appropriate pre and/or or post-surgically assisted application of temporary anchors and present data related to success rates of bone plates.

Following this presentation delegates should be able to:
a.Identify limitations associated with routine orthodontic preparation for combined surgery and orthodontics.
b.Consider the indications for pre-surgical application of temporary anchor devices
c.Determine the indications for post-surgical application of temporary anchor devices