Clinical Assistant Professor
School of Dentistry, National Defense Medical University
Private practice of orthodontics & implantology in Taipei,Taiwan.

Dr. Lin is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the School of Dentistry at the National Defense Medical University of Taipei, Taiwan. Dr Lin’s main fields of interest focus on TADs-based orthodontics, clear aligner treatment and overall aesthetics-driven interdisciplinary dentofacial treatment(E-IDT). Dr. Lin has published many articles in refereed journals such as American Journal of Orthodontic and Dentofacial Orthopedics, Journal of Clinical Orthodontics and Journal of Taiwan Association of Orthodontics. Dr. Lin lectures both nationally and internationally. He also authored or co-authored 4 book chapters regarding TADs-based orthodontics.

Title of Talk

Management of complex short face adult cases with esthetic interdisciplinary approach and TADs


For short face adult patients, they usually present with reduced lower anterior facial height (LAFH) and accompany with various types of smile, dental as well as occlusion problems.
Due to short face adult’s expectation for orthodontic therapy is more than just straighten teeth since the health, function and perhaps the enhancement of facial beauty is usually their primary goals seeking for orthodontic care, we, as professional orthodontists, what services can we provide for those short face patients?
This presentation will encompass orthodontics, periodontics, restorative, implant dentistry and TADs plus orthognathic surgery focusing on current esthetic interdisciplinary dentofacial treatment ( E-IDT) philosophies and methodologies for management of different types of short face cases.
Equal emphasis will be placed on the esthetic pleasing size, width/length ratio of upper anterior teeth, causes & treatment strategies of gummy / insufficient smile , esthetic crown lengthening procedure, alteration of vertical dimension of occlusion as well as a very rare gene mutations analysis in order to achieve the optimal facial, smile and pink/white esthetics.