Brief CV.
1972: Seoul national University DDS.
1975; Kyunghee University MSD
1980 Kyunghee University Ph.D
1985 Visiting scholar University of Michigan AnnArbor.
1978-2004, professor and chair, Department of Orthodontic, Kyungpook National University.
Dean of Dental school, Director of dentistry, KNUM Hospital.
1998-2000: President of Korean Association of Orthodontists
2004- Emeritus Professor, Kyungpook national university.
2014- Honorary President of Korean orthodontic research institute Inc.

Title of Talk

Camouflaged treatment of Non growing Class III by using Upper Two Microimplants Anchorages and class III elastics


Developing microimplants anchorage, we have tried to use it for class III treatment.
Most of orthodontists have introduced to use microimplants anchorage in mandible and they have tried to retract mandibular dentition distally. However, I have experienced some problems during retraction of lower dentition such as high failure rate due to high position of microimplants. Besides this, it is difficult for me to place MI at the retromolar area or proper site..
Then I have tried to use MI in maxilla and use class III elastics especially high angle class III with open bite cases. I will introduce how to use the microimplants anchorage and class III elastics to correct class III high angle cases with open bite. And also I will present some cases treated with my protocol. My conclusion as follows
1.It is simple and easy.
2.MIs(1.5mm ΓΈ) in between 5 and 6 on maxilla are strong enough to resist Class I and Class III elastics at the same time.
3.Class III elastics moved lower molar distal and upright, and extruded lower incisors. As a result, occlusal plane rotated counterclockwise.
4.Class III elastics moved mandible backward.
5.No need to worry about root touching during retraction of lower dentition