Park, Hyo-Sang DDS, MSD, PhD.
Professor and Chair, Department of Orthodontics. School of Dentistry,
Kyungpook National University, Daegu, Korea

His research background was immunhistochemical studies for neurotransmitter following tooth movement and growth studies using rats as experimental animal. he published numerous papers.
He did pioneer works and extensive researches on development of microimplants since 1998. He is using microimplants for 19 years and owned ten patents and wrote more than 70 international articles, seven text books, and seven chapters dealing with Orthodontic Microimplants. He found Dentos Limited with collaboration with colleagues. He has spoken world renowned orthodontic meetings more than 70 times as keynote speaker and provided 2 or 3 days microimplants training course internationally more than 130 times. He is director of Orthodontic Research Center in Kyungpook University Hospital which performs research on Microimplants. He is serving as reviewer AJODO, Angle Orthod, EJO, J of Orthodontics, KJO, and other journals.
He is doing reseaches concerning clinical use of microimplants, its biomechanics, and animal experiments to improve Microimplants.

Title of Talk

Considering factors to maximize profile improvement in severe hyperdivergent patients


Nowadays, the intrusion of the posterior teeth with/or without anterior teeth can be achieved easily and consistently with microimplants. In openbite treatment, the intrusion of the posterior teeth is known as best treatment strategy. The intrusion of the posterior teeth can produce the increase of the anterior overbite, and resulted in resolution of the anterior openbite. However, even though intrusion of the posterior teeth is obtained and anterior openbite is closed, the profile improvement is less than desirable occasionally in Hyperdivergent patients.
In order to get better profile changes, vertical control should be done not only at the posterior teeth but also at the anterior teeth. And this should be done on both arches, not to one arch.
There are many factors affecting facial profile improvement in hyperdivergent patients, amount of upper anterior teeth retraction, amount of retraction and/or intrusion of the lower anterior teeth, amount of the upper and lower posterior teeth, and coordination in speed of retraction of upper and lower anterior teeth.
For instance, the extraction of premolars is helpful in reducing vertical dimension. However the facial changes can be very different according to which teeth are extracted. Occasionally, extraction of teeth may results in dished in face with counterclockwise rotation of the mandible. The cant of occlusal plane in antero-posterior dimension can also affects on facial harmony.
Speaker will discuss the importance of extraction sites, and its role in controlling the occlusal plane, and importance of intrusion of the whole arch in regard to facial harmony.