Dr. B. Giuliano Maino is Post Graduated Clinical Training in Orthodontics at Boston University. He is Visiting Professor in Orthodontics at Ferrara University and Insubria University.
EBO and IBO certified. Active Member of the Angle Society of Europe (ASE) Past President 2011 Italian Academy of Orthodontics (AIDOr). Member of the Advisor Committee of World Implant Orthodontic Association, WIOC President of the 3th World Implant Orthodontic Conference, Verona (ITALY).
Lecturer in Orthodontics in Italy, Europe, USA, Asia, Africa, Australia; Author and Co-author of 3 books and more then 100 scientific papers in orthodontics.
He received the Award for the Best Clinical Research published in 2009 in AJODO.
He is maintaining a private practice in Orthodontics in Vicenza, Italy.

Title of Talk

3D Technology for Palatal Miniscrews: New Clinical Perspectives


This presentation will illustrate how by the use of 3D technology is possible to plan virtually the miniscrew insertion and transfer all the information regarding position inclination and depth to the reality with a safe and reliable approach that permits the miniscrew application even to the clinician with minimal or no experience.
In addition it will be illustrated how it is possible to perform only in one visit both the application of miniscrews both the orthodontic appliance .
In particular new perspectives for the correction of Class III and for the expansion of the palate in the adult patients even without surgery will be illustrated.

•Select and plan the insertion of the miniscrews in the palatal vault
•Learn the advantages of digital planning of miniscrews in the palatal vault
•Learn new possibilities for the treatment of Class III malocclusions and for Rapid Palatal Expansion in adult patients without surgery