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Title of Talk

A trial to prevent TAD falling by the increase in activity of cell and tissue metabolism.



Recently, orthodontic treatment using corrective anchor screws has become common, and quality results can be attained. The problem with orthodontic anchor screws is the possibility of a "fall out", and various research has been done concerning it. The materials, morphology, planting method, planting part, and management method in orthodontic anchor screws has been studied and it can be said that it is a complete treatment. Many methods have already been considered in the study of attachment, whether on the buccal or the palatal side. The patient's age and precautions on management have been thoroughly researched. The point this researcher is considering is to increase the tissue compatibility with the orthodontic anchor screw by activating the natural metabolism of the body and lowering the fall out rate. Methods to achieve this include oxygen inhalation therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and methods using infrared rays and lasers. This researcher investigated hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a traditional method and that has been proven effective in the field of orthopedic surgery and emergency medicine, but has been given little consideration in the field of dentistry. This method promotes tissue healing by increasing oxygen concentration in the blood by adding a high concentration of oxygen to the cells and tissue under high pressure. It is a method used in bone fractures and surgical operation, but it also seems to be effective for preventing a TAD from falling out by activating the metabolic reactions of the living body. It also seems to have some influence on tooth movement in orthodontic treatment. This researcher is studying the effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on osteoblasts by collaborating with Hiroshima University. In this presentation we will introduce some of those attributes and speak on the possibility of the effect on the stability of orthodontic anchor screws.