Title of Talk

Two cases treated with the SMAP* (Super mini anchor plate) ®system


Key words: The SMAP system, mesio-distal, and vertical movement of the dentition
Objective: It’s important but difficult to obtain the treatment goal without rigid anchorages. The SMAP system is effective in mesio-distal and vertical teeth movement. Two cases using the SMAP system will be presented in this presentation.

Case1:46y9m female
Chief complaint: molar scissors bite
Diagnosis: A ClassⅡdeep bite case with molar scissors bite
Treatment object: Upper molar intrusion and distal movement with SMAP, and retroclination of upper incisors.

Case2: 15y0m female
Chief complaint: spaced arch
Diagnosis: A ClassⅡ open bite case with 6 congenital missing teeth
Treatment object: Maintaining the upper and lower incisors, and protraction of upper molars with SMAP.

Conclusion: Two cases could predictably achieve the treatment goals. The SMAP system is usuful for mesio-distal, and vertical movement of the dentition.

*Super mini anchor plate (DENTSPLY Sirona)