Ichiban-cho Dental Office SAS Orthodontic Center,Sendai,Japan

Title of Talk

What are the indications of orthodontic miniplates?


In order to achieve treatment goals effectively and predictably, both of anchor screws (AS) and miniplates (MP) have been frequently used as the temporary anchorage devices (TADs) in current orthodontic mechanotherapy. In our clinic, orthodontic treatment using TADs has been a standard option as well. Actually, in our recent statistics, the percentage of the TADs cases was about 85% of non-surgical adult cases. In particular, MP has been applied to more than 50% patients of all TADs cases. Since titanium screws and titanium plates function as implants and onplants, respectively, MP exhibits the strongest anchor value among various types of TADs. The most advantageous point of MP is to enable us to predictably move molars in any of the three dimensions, because MP is always placed outside the dental arches. In consideration of these advantages of MP, we mainly apply MP to the patients who require 1) improving complex orthodontic problems, 2) considerable amount of molar distalization and intrusion, and 3) non-surgical camouflage treatment of jaw deformities. In this presentation, two classic MP cases will be presented, and discussed the indications of orthodontic mechanotherapy using MP.