Title of Talk

Absolute anchorage (Super Mini Anchor Plate) in Orthodontic Treatment


The treatment planning how to manage an anchorage is an important issue which is related to the treatment outcome at the orthodontic treatment.
The treatment outcome by traditional orthodontic system has been dependent on the patient compliance, and it is one of the important issues.
Hence, we can control orthodontic forces by utilizing an osteosynthesis device which was developed to fix jaw bones for surgical orthodontic treatment as an anchorage. Consequently, it is possible to reduce influences of the patient cooperation and achieve highly predictability orthodontic treatment.
Especially, we became able to obtain excellent treatment results by utilizing the absolute anchorage against cases when distal movement of the entire row of teeth or orthodontic surgery are needed.
On the other hand, the orthodontic treatment by utilizing the absolute anchorage has different movements from that of traditional orthodontic treatment.
In this time, I will present about the possibility of an orthodontic treatment with some clinical cases by utilizing Super Mini Anchor Plate, one of the osteosynthesis device.