1983 Graduated from Hokkaido University School of Dentistry(DDS)
1987 Graduated from Hokkaido University Graduate school of Dental Medicine(PhD)
Instractor ---- Dept. of Orthodontics, Hokkaido University
1993 Assistant Professor ---- Dept. of Orthodontics, Hokkaido University
Director : Akasaka Matsuno Orthodontic Office
Clinical Professor ---- Department of Orthodontics, Showa University
Present: Director of Akasaka Matsuno Orthodontic Office

Board & Membership
Angle Society Affiliate member
WBLO (World Board of Lingual Orthodontists )

Belonged Meetings
President of J.L.O.A( Japan Lingual Orthodontic Association) 2007-2009
Member of W.F.O, J.O.S ( Japan Orthodontic Society)
Main speaker
2002 4th Asian Pacific Orthodontic Meeting ( Singapore) Invited Speaker
2004 6th Europian Society of Lingual Orthodontics Speaker Active member
2005 ALOA Speaker
2006 WSLO Speaker
2006 7th ESLO Speaker
2007 2nd WSLO Key note Speaker
2008 6th APOC Invited Speaker
2008 First KALO meeting Special lecturer
2008 8th ESLO Speaker Best speaker award
2009 3rd WSLO Speaker
2009 Dec Taiwan 1 st Lingual Forum special lecturer
2010 Feb WFO in Sydney  Invited Speaker
2010 July ESLO Key note Speaker in London
2011 WSLO invited Speaker , Pre-congress lecturer
2011 TOS invited Speaker
2012 ESLO Key note speaker
2013 WSLO speaker
2014 JLOA&KALO meeting Special lecturer , Pre congress lecturer
2014 Harmony user meeting lecturer in USA
2015 WSLO key note speaker
2015 4th India Lingual Orthodontic Conference special lecturer
2016 ALOM meeting Invited speaker Seoul
2016 ALOA Speaker
2016 ESLO Invited speaker
2017 WSLO key note speaker

2004, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011 2012,2013 Lingual Seminar in Tokyo

2006 Lingual seminar in Shanghai medical university
2009 2days Lingual Seminar course in Syria
2011 1day Seminar in Shanghai medical university
1day Seminar in Nanking University
Pre congress 1 day seminar in Taiwan Orthodontic Society
2012 1 day Lingual Seminar in Istanbul
2014 Harmony User meeting invited speaker in USA

Title of Talk

The application of mini screws in digital lingual CAD/CAM system " Harmony "


The mini screw has been used for many years in my clinic. It was already popular in Korea in first of 2000, many clinical reports have been reported in the meeting of Korean Orthodontic Association in 2003. After that, mini screws treatment was starting in my office. I found that it is very effective for improving scissors bite without extrusion of the tooth, and also effective for absolute anchorage in maxillary protrusion treatment and midline deviation treatment. Now we are trying to use these mini screws in the digital lingual CAD/CAM system, Harmony. I realized mid palatal implant in this system has much effective for severe maxillary protrusion with gummy smile patients. Mid palatal screw and lever arm, this combination can be realized to control anterior teeth torque in lingual orthodontics. We can treat any type of severe maxillary protrusion and severe gummy smile. The result of this treatment is almost equal result of surgical orthodontics. This tiny screw has greatly expanded our orthodontic possibility.