[Guidelines for Speakers in Room A and B]

We sincerely appreciate your great contribution to the 9th World Implant Orthodontic Conference. The following instruction may contain the important information for all invited speakers in both Room A and B to prepare the oral presentations. Please read carefully.

Prior to the Conference:

  • In order to make this Conference successful, it is vitally important that all speakers stay on time. Speakers should rehearse their presentations in advance to make sure they are within the allotted time. It is mandatory that you keep to your scheduled time, and the Session Chairs will ask you to stop once you have reached your official time allocation. We appreciate your kind corporation.
  • Each room will be equipped with a computer and an LCD projector, which resolution is XGA (1024 × 768). Because of the screen size (one screen), the format of slides should be in the proportion of 4:3 only.

< If you use your own computer >

  • You can use your own laptop computer for your presentation. Specially, if you are using Mac computer, or if you want to use the presenter view function of PowerPoint, you should bring your own laptop computer for your presentation.
  • The Conference will prepare Mini D-Sub15Pin cable connector only. If your machine is not compatible with this cable connector, please bring an adaptor to connect your machine to the Mini D-sub 15 pin PC cable connector.
  • Also, please bring the AC adaptor (computer charger) and backup data.
  • Please cancel screen saver and power saver set-up beforehand.

< If you use the Conference computer >

  • You can submit your data via USB Flash memory (CD, DVD, FD, MO cannot be accepted) to one of the Conference computers before your presentation.
  • Operating system of the Conference computers is Windows 10. We accept presentation data created by Windows Operating System only and the following PowerPoint versions: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, 2013 and 2016. Please check your PowerPoint version.
  • Store all your files in one folder. Please make sure that graphics, animations, videos and your presentation are all in the same folder. Your presentation data file should be named as <Name>.pptx (ex: “RyuzoKanomi.pptx”). Note that we provide Windows Media Player as a video player.
  • Just in case, you are recommended to bring your own laptop computer.
  • The Conference Secretariat is responsible for destroying all copies of any data after the session.

At the Conference:

  • When you arrive, you are requested to visit the Registration Desk for Speakers to pick up your official Conference badge, Congress bag, lunch tickets (foreign speakers only), and certificate of appreciation. In addition, could you please receive the honorarium from the Conference in exchange for your signature?
  • At least 20 min. before the start of your presentation, all speakers are requested to present the Operator Desk to set-up your own laptop computer, or to submit their presentation data to the Conference computer. You are recommended to check your presentation at the Operator Desk in advance. The Operator Desk is located in the front left side of each room.
  • If you want to check the projection on the actual screen, you can check it at the following date and time.
    July 2:   8:15~8:45   for speakers in morning session on July 2
        12:15~12:45   for speakers in afternoon session on July 2
    July 3   8:15~8:45   for speakers in morning session on July 3
        12:15~12:45   for speakers in afternoon session on July 3
    July 4   8:15~8:45   for speakers in morning session on July 4
        12:15~12:45   for speakers in afternoon session on July 4
  • The preview corner, located in anteroom 3&4 on B1 floor, is available to check and rehearse your presentation.
  • Please make sure to be seated in the designated front seats 10 min. prior to the start of your presentation.
  • The presentations of invited speakers in room A and B are scheduled as 30 min., 45min. and 60min. long, respectively. The period of discussion and questions from the participants is not scheduled. Please discuss with them at the outside of the room. However, your scheduled presentation time is including the introduction by the Session Chairs and the set-up time for next speaker, so leave several minutes for them.
  • We are sorry that we cannot give you the certificate of appreciation and the honorarium after your presentation on the stage, because of not enough time.

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